Nearly 50% of all truckers may have sleep apnea and not know it.

Know the cost of fatigue and your business.


Higher risk

of an accident among truckers with OSA



caused by fatigue per year



caused by fatigue per year



in damages paid annually

In the past, carriers have had a hard time reducing these statistics. Now, you have options.

Don’t let the hidden costs of untreated OSA add additional risks to your business.

Help your drivers stay healthy and on the road.

Daytime tiredness is just the beginning. Drivers with OSA can suffer from daytime sleepiness, attention deficit, slower reaction times, decreased alertness, stroke, heart failure, hypertension, and diabetes. All of these risks are unhealthy for the driver and can lead to preventable crashes.

Reduce your financial risk exposure.

Billions have been paid each year in monetary damages that could be avoided with proper risk management. We document each driver’s PAP usage through a chain of custody, which provides you proof of a driver’s compliancy, so that you’re prepared in case a lawsuit claim arises.

We help carriers manage fatigue risk.

Education & Compliancy

FMCSA guidance is vague. We educate and guide you through the entire process.

30,000-Foot View

Our platform provides you with current data on all of your OSA-diagnosed drivers.

Quick & Affordable

Our quick and inexpensive process tests remotely, keeping drivers on the road.